Friday, November 03, 2006


Perfect timing - I had nothing to write about and now I've been tagged.

Five little known facts about me:

1. I play conga drums in an Afro/Caribbean percussion ensemble. People are
usually surprised because I am conservative, quiet, and could easily fade
into any midwestern crowd. It is a deep pleasure and we perform at
neighborhood festivals, Earth Day, birthday parties and such.

2. The only type of car I've ever owned has been used Honda Civics. They
all had names - Agnes, Cindy, Ignatius, Phoebe and Pablo. Both Ignatius
and Cindy were stolen, off the street, in broad daylight.

3. I once did a summer internship at a school for troubled youth, and
participated in several Native American sweatlodges. It was during the time
when my sugar was always high so I dd not have to worry about having
a hypo and toppling over onto hot rocks. (I would probably not participate
now, and that's okay.)

4. My favorite thing to do when I'm bored is watch old reruns of the tv
series "Kung Fu" - yeah, I know that many of you were not even born when
it was on, and would have no idea who grasshopper was, but I
love it. I have my private collection of all three years.

5. ......................and.....I still sometimes inject through clothing.
Really easy to just zip it through the skirt under my desk.

This was fun. If interested, I tag

MileMaster Sarah
Vic,aka cHoCo @ My.Diabetic.Life
Jane@ It's My Life, People
Heidi@The D Lon Cabin
Robert @ S.I.C.K.I.E.S

Fact #6 - I did not "do" links until I started blogging.

PS. If anyone knows why my alternate sentences have short margins, let me know before I go nuts.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Great stuff! George & I conspired to "double tag" you. Actually, he beat me to it, but once we saw each others posts we decided to leave them be.

I think that is SO COOL that you play the conga drums! I would LOVE to learn how to play!

How did you get involved with that?

I think I need to get myself a used Honda. I'm driving a big gas hog truck now, and it keeps on needing repairs. Might be time to think about something different.

Minnesota Nice said...

Scott, about 15 years ago I bought a drum at a garage sale and a few months later they offered a community ed class. I was desperate to shed my soft-spoken, wall flower image, and everything evolved from that.
Don't forget that Hondas, especially the '89 - '96 ones, are near the top of the list for theft - something about the resale of parts. When I got Cindy back from the impound lot, the police said to get a brake pedal lock (that would prevent the car from being shifted into drive). Well, the thugs came back a couple of weeks later to take her again and when they saw the lock, they smashed all 4 side windows and left a threatening note. I had to spend several months parking her at a friend's who lived blocks away and had a spare garage spot.

Anonymous said...

thanks for tagging me! I knew I could rely on a minnesotan to makesure I wasn't forgotten! Bob plays the drums in Saint Paul, in fact he is the drumming master of the universe ( or rather that is what I call him), I bet you two would get along!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me too!

I think I might have an idea about your indentation too. Sometimes my blog would do that when I used the spell checker. Not sure if thats it, but when I stopped using it my problems like that went away.

Sandra Miller said...

Oh MN,

I'm so late commenting here (and elsewhere, for that matter)...

Love, love love Afro/Caribbean music! If I come up your way, I'd love to hear you and your group play.

And hey, thanks for the info on Kung Fu. Still shaking my head and smilin' over the fact that we both included Caine in our Five. Too funny.

Johnboy said...

OK, Kathy. So I'm horribly late finally finding you. Sorry about that! I thought this would be a good post to start with a comment.

I love that you named all your cars, and I suspect it would be no different should you decide to use a pump some day!

I have also injected through clothing with no issues.

Music is good for the soul. I love to sing, but I certainly appreciate someone who can handle an instrument. I took piano lessons for about 6 weeks one time. That's about it!

Look forward to reading more posts.

Take care,