Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow Day Project


We had our turn with the cold weather, and now we've got the snow. About a foot. Lovely.

People are just starting to shovel their sidewalks and many of the cars parked on the street are now enclosed in a big lip of snow that the plow left. Minnesota at its best.

I settled in and finished a lingering project - a beaded vessel. It is about 4' tall and each small seed bead is indivually stitched. Not of much use, but pleasant to contemplate once finished.

Sometimes it's hard for me to be alone with a long stretch of time in front of me - I start thinking about lingering problems, like diabetes; existing problems, like my mother who needs to transition to assisted living; and imagined problems, like future complications. Hobbies help. They help a lot. And, so does knowing that at present, right now, everything is just fine.

Hard to believe February is nearly over. Have a good week ahead.
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In Search Of Balance said...

Wow. That's incredible!!!!! Also, I've been meaning to say that Wordpress was flagging your comments to me as spam, but I found them a few days ago and put them back where they belong :) Thanks!

Your beadwork is really amazing. I'd love to see some knitting! I just finished a baby quilt today, which I'll post on Flickr once the mom-to-be gets it. :)

type1emt said...

That's beautiful.You should enter it into a county fair, or a craft show..thanks for sharing that.I enjoy doing crafts, etc.when I am frustrated w/life in general too.
Clears the brain, to only have to think about one thing.

Molly said...

Great activity for a day like today! I spent a better part of the day shoveling. Good for the blood sugars, but my arms are killing me now. I've never had the persistence to do craft work...but would like to try something like that. Have a good week!

MileMasterSarah said...

That is beautiful! One day I will have time for crafts! (But I'm sure by then I will be missing all the things that kept me from doing crafts, my double edged sword!) Have you enjoyed our ridiculously heavy and wet snow? I shovelled twice yesterday and more than once today, and I'm not that good at it. It is heavy laboring, this shovelling of this compacted snow, but we managed. We also went shopping. My car has AWD so we easily maneuvered out of the parking lot out to Kohls for some heavy retail therapy. So very worth it.

Zazzy said...

That is a really lovely vase. I would love to own it and very much hate to make it. Truly beautiful!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

WOW that is pretty. What patience and nimble fingers you must have to stitch in EVERY single lone of those beads. I am not sure if my computer gives the colors correctly - are the beads blue or black and gold or yellow? What I like about art is that it stays - it remains to be looked at for years to come. Cooking leaves me cold - you work your butt off to make it and then in a blink of an eye it is gone! I hope this project got your mind of the "problems". Escape is so good.
CONGRATS fog getting the picture on the blog! Show us more of your art work.

Carey said...

That's very cool.

Send some of that snow our way. The kids are losing hope. The slush just ain't cuttin' it.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is fantastic!

I told Sarah that I actually had to dig my truck out - my 4x4 truck that got stuck. Damn snowplows.

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Lenka said...

Good post.