Wednesday, March 26, 2008


SuperGeorge, also known as "skinny", has tagged me for the Six Word Meme.

I trust life (between the lines).

Since the rules have already been printed a b'zillion times, I'm going to skip them here.

I tag: Molly, Log Cabin Heidi, BetterCell, Lili, Zazzy


Shannon said...

That was really interesting and creative.

Donna said...

Very creative & thought-provoking, Kathy. I like it.

Zazzy said...

Only because it's you, MN ;-)

Bad Decision Maker said...

I like yours.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Perfect choice for you - it totally fits.

George said...

You always make me smile MN. When I get to your state we will meet!

Thanks for the "skinny!" That was sweet.

BetterCell said...

Thanks Minnesota.......

Spring Wind caresses Leaves
on the Tree that Kathy knows.
It in-turn knows her and never
departs her side despite frosty cold or hot filled days.
The Best of Friends they remain.

Molly said...

Good one!
(and I LOVE your new tree picture!)