Saturday, July 25, 2009

Phantom Carbs?

I was in Target today, without a shopping list, and magically my cart became full. Who would have guessed that I needed that much stuff?

Right by the checkout stand was a big display of this:

SoBe Lifewater - "vitamin enhanced water beverage". See that big "0 Calories" at the top of the label? Cool. Sounds yummy. And on sale for $1. I took a bottle of the mango melon flavor.

I got home and was unpacking my stuff, and started to read the back label to see what vitamins it was enhanced with. Yes, I frequently make unwise choices with regard to self-care, but I always read labels. Maybe I'm just curious.

2.5 servings per bottle. 6 gm carbohydrate per serving. SAY WHAT? How can something have carbs but no calories. Carbs and proteins have 4.5 calories per gram; and fats have 9 calories per gram. If I drank the entire bottle, that would be 15 carbs - enough to certifiably treat a hypo.

What is it that I'm not getting here? Someone please explain, or else I'm going to have to call the 800# on Monday morning.