Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've been tagged by Amylia, Chrissie, Drea and Heidi.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1) My paternal granny always dreamt about losing her purse (a big old purse containing cloth hankies and horehound lozenges). About five years ago, I also started dreaming about losing my purse. But, I find them!

2) In high school I was treasurer of the Taxidermy Club. Yes, we were pretty bored during those long Minnesota winters. I had to collect the money so the adviser could order the glass eyes for the animals (mostly road kill). It was a very cool club to belong to. No, I'm not kidding.

3) My favorite romantic song is "Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison.

4) In college I embroidered an elaborate tapestry of Bob Dylan's silhouette. I later found out that my mother had sold it at a garage sale for a dime.

5) I inherited a banjo from my uncle. I took lessons for 5 months. I have since done much better on other instruments.

6) I am attracted to Aires men - always, without fail.

7) My middle name is "Joy". My father always called me "Rose".

If there is anybody else out there who wants to participate, please consider yourself tagged.

Thanks, everybody. I really enjoyed reading all the posts. This was a very fun way to start the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Molly said...

Taxidermy club... how cool. I bet it was the funnest club around! :-)
My mom sold my favorite dress at a garage sale. It was blue and had Jemima Puddle-Duck on it. She claims I outgrew it...but I know the real story!! ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving.

Chris said...

I was president of our church youth club for 3 years. I thought that was cool until i read your #2. Grrr...thanks for bursting my bubble.

Shannon said...

My dad used to have our garage loaded with taxidermy jobs he'd get from hunters. He'd skin them and do whatever else he did with them.

He'll be tickled to hear you belonged to an actual club!

Sandra Miller said...


Growing up in a good size New England city, I must say I'd never heard of -- nor imagined the existence of -- a high school taxidermy club.

Very cool.

I love these memes. :-)

Major Bedhead said...

I'd never heard of a taxidermy club either.

My mother sold my Fisher Price castle the one with a dragon and a dungeon - at a yard sale and I still haven't forgiven her for it. They don't make that one any more. hmph.

Donna said...

We didn't have a taxidermy club at my high school. But I know there were kids who participated in it. One of my husband's friends has a son who just graduated from taxidermy school. He's going to make a good living doing this. It's deer season here right now so what great timing for him to graduate!

I do have a question. Who did you collect the money from for the glass eyes? Did you have fund-raisers, sell candy bars? If we had a club like this at my school, we'd probably do something like that.

I have to say that this was probably THE most interesting fact about someone that I have read so far. You win!

Bernard said...


Van Morrison, what a great singer. I've got way too many of his albums.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Minnesota Nice said...

Molly and Julia - I wonder what other forgotten treasures have been put out on the cardtable on somone's lawn?

Chris - yes, we did indeed think were were special. In fact, in the yearbook photo of the club, several members were holding stuffed pheasants and squirrels. Actually, it sort of creeps me out now, just thinking about it.

Shannon - a good taxidermist is also an artist - knowing how to pose the animals, etc. Your dad sounds like a neat guy.

Sandra - yes, the club does have a certain "midwest" essence to it, no? Like we were all tromping around in workboots and plaid flannel shirts.....

Donna - I had to collect a $2 membership fee from each kid. We had only one fundraiser - a carwash. Back then, schools had a slush fund and were able to allot portions to various clubs. Yes, depending on where you live, I think you could make a very good living - pieces that are done by a professional are very expensive.

And Bernard - don't ever say that you have too many Van Morrison albums - impossible, unless you have them all. I adore him. He is a mystic poet in every sense of the word. My second favorite song of his is "In the Garden" and my third is "Full Force Gale".

Scott K. Johnson said...

Fun list MN!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Better late then never, ie BLT+never, which is ie bacon lettuce and tomatoe+never. Mothers, your number 4. Count on them to do the right thing, right?! They are human too and ya know I guess I have pulled that stuff too. Some times you get in a clean up mood and then everything goes......

Minnesota Nice said...

Thanks Scott.

Chrissie - good thing I am not a mother because I would not be very good at the "clean up" mode. Ha ha.