Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Winter of my Frozen Face

I have enjoyed reading everybody's recaps of the closing year and hopes for '09.

My holidays were reasonably nice - quiet, simple and stressfree - just the way I like it. I thought that I was cruisin' along quite balanced, until a clerk said a bright "happy new year" to me on Friday and I burst into tears. Yes, it startled me too.

Annual holidays always bring many thoughts of fear into my mindset. A lot can happen in a year. A lot can go wrong with diabetes in a year. Fear shouts to me, "where will you be a year from now, Kathy? - Think of all those decades that you did't take care of yourself. They're bound to catch up with you, sooner or later."

For whatever reason, my image of fear is a Humphrey Bogart man, dressed in a shabby trenchcoat, fedora hat, smoking a cig and standing at the end of my sidewalk, sneering. In the recent years, I have developed some pretty good skills to ignore him. So he comes - let him stand there as long as he wants. Just don't invite him in for tea and cookies. He will soon get tired and go pester someone else.

This winter we've so far had 13 days where the temperature has dipped below zero. Last winter, our total was 3. A co-worker and I were talking about this and she remarked that it's harder to deal with knowing that we've got at least 2 months remaining. It would be a lot easier to tolerate if the end was in sight.

Well, the end is never in sight with db, and that's what's been difficult these last days.

So, in the meantime, we all do what we can. I put on my fancy high-tech face mask (designed so that your glasses don't fog up).

And, if necessary, my Mary Poppins hat.

No, there isn't much of a smile under there, but a certain satisfaction in the fact that I know I'll be comfortable at the bus stop.

And, there is also a satisfaction in knowing that if I do all that I can to take care of the db, then I will probably be here a year from now. Maybe with some amazing adventures to look back on.

Happy New Year to all my friends. May you be served with peace, joy, and fulfillment in 2009!


Karen said...

I agree, it's scary sometimes to think about what a new year can hold. But I really admire you attitude. We do what we can and make it through. A little knitting to take you mind off things never hurts either. :) I wish you nothing but "warm days" for 2009!!

Colleen said...

Oh gosh! I love the mask!! When our son was working in MN we bought him one. I should find it for me! I also have a Mary Poppins hat and love wearing it. I know you have some time before the warm days arrive, so do I, but we can complain together.
May your new year be wonderful and inspiring.

Caro said...

I love the mask! And I really want one. I get so tired of my glasses fogging up during the winter.

As far as diabetes goes, I think yu have the right attitude. It is scary, but we have to do our best and try not to let the fear win. Best wishes for the new year.

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that I'm glad I don't live in Stevens Point anymore? (Or Milwaukee or Chicago).

Even though it does dip in temperature here, there's also regular 50-60 degree days in between.

Molly said...

Nice mask. I have a similar one. I can't believe how often I've had to use it already this winter. These long, dark, cold days are the hardest part of the year for me. I really don't mind the cold most of the time, but I do mind the lack of sun. (maybe because of my vitamin D deficiency)
Hopefully 2009 will bring level blood sugars and persistence to keep trying.
Hoping that we get to meet sometime this year! :-)

Molly and Dixie

Sara said...

My glasses fog up all the time where I live too, but somehow I don't think the mask will help me! :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

That looks very warm! I've got a big goofy thing that covers my entire head and neck, but it always fogs up my glasses - I'll need to check out one of these!

George said...

The holidays always hit me hard. For the reason you talk about and looking back at the years past.

Let's hope this year that the db stays in check, at least enough to get us to next January in one healthy piece.

Zazzy said...

I was going to mention that it was 78F here yesterday - but it's harder to gloat today at 35F. That is a very unique mask - the question is, does it work? Stay warm, Sis - or come and visit me.

lezzetservisi said...

hi kathy,how are name sibel.lam from turkey,.your blog very gud.

BetterCell said...

Happy New Year Kathy.
Maybe the guy who looks like Humprey Bogart wearing a trench coat and waiting on the corner with a cigarette dangling from his lips is actually an Angel in disguise whose purpose will be to protect you from the ravages of db.

Donna said...

Love the mask! Before I got contacts, I had the same problem with my glasses fogging up. Hope the mask helps. :)

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