Friday, December 05, 2008

Phase 2 Mittens

Shucks, winter is here. We are getting some heavy snow right now - that's Minnesota for you.

I am thankful that I have a big supply of warm clothes and accessories. Inluding my walk to the bus stop and then the wait, I can be out in the elements anywhere from 10-30 minutes. It's best to be prepared.

These are my Phase 1 gloves, from the Dollar Store. I always lose them so will buy 4 pairs at a time. Phase 1 weather is between 20-40 degrees.

Then we come to Phase 2, about 0-20 degrees. These are mittens I knit and the pattern called them "Traditional Latvian Mittens", but we all know that things change over time and continents. There is another wool mitten inside, but, they are really not as warm as they look.

And finally, when it's below zero, we have to call on the big guys. The Phase 3's are lined with goosedown. I ordered them from Canada 10 years ago and guard them with my life. See that big diagonal ridge? That's where the down has lumped up, but if I put them in the dryer on low, the lump will disappear.

Today was a Phase 2 day. As I was getting ready to get off the bus, the woman next to me said, "oh, are those the mittens with that insulin from 3M"? Obviously she meant
Thinsulate, a synthetic product made to add warmth to outdoor clothing. I told her no, they weren't, but I had some insulin in my purse. She replied, "well, that's good - you can't go wrong with a nice warm handbag".

No, I guess you can't.


Karen said...

I really love those Latvian Mittens. I'm afraid to try color-work, but I think I'll force myself to give it a whirl in 2009. I want to knit pretty mittens like that. I don't plan to knit diabetes supplies into my gloves or purses though. LOL Although I supposed I could knit up all those miles of pump tubing I just throw out, no?

Auntly H said...

That's hilarious!

I'm planning to knit myself some super warm mittens by double knitting the Galileos. A single layer of knit fabric does nothing to block wind (in my experience). Plus, reversible is cool. Maybe I could wear one each way (next winter...).

Zazzy said...

So that's the secret of keeping my purse warm? I did have my cell phone freeze once last winter - I guess I should keep some insulin in it!

I spent most of last winter trying to remember where my gloves were. I'm told that the wooly caterpillars were extra wooly this fall so I'd better find them this year!

Stay warm!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

That's funny!

Anonymous said...


I had two pairs of gloves/mittens back in Stevens Point. One that looked very very nice, but only satisfied above zero temps. One that was very very bulky, but satisfied those frigid nights when we walked to hockey games at the arena or to the bars downtown.

type1emt said...

lol-although if there's any insulin in your handbag, it means that the temp has gotta be above freezing(kinda warm) otherwise the insulin will freeze(right?). I'm sure you've had that happen to you.

Sara said...

That is too funny!

I didn't know 3M made insulin :P

Winter... what's that? I don't think we have that down here in Florida!

Minnesota Nice said...

Karen I have seen tote bags knit with strps of plastic grocery bags. Actually, they look kind of cool. Necessity is the mother o invention.

Aunty H - thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the mittens!

Zazz - the wooly caterpillars, of course. And the Old Farmer's Almanac. The older I get, the less I care about how I look and thus dress more sensibly.

Scott - Yah, you betcha!

Rachel - you must need mittens in Colo too, right? Do you still have the ones from Wisc?

Heidi - good point to bring up. I have never had insulin freeze in my purse/totebag. Years ago a pharacist told me to put it in a ziplock baggie and blow warm air into the baggie and then seal it.
The air is great insulation.

Sara - yes, sister, there is a thing called "winter". Ha! Every year I wonder how we deal with all this stuff on an annual basis. I think it's called "determination"

George said...

HAHAHAHA that is a great story and for us California's totally foreign.

I was in shorts and a tee shirt today. Not a cloud in the sky. So weird and sad here. We get no seasons. :(

Minnesota Nice said...

George - yes, you and Sara cannot witness "the theater of seasons" - poor kids - you have my sympathy (not).

Anonymous said...

Love the Phase 2 mittens! Very beautiful colorwork! I have been working on a pair of fair isle mittens for my sister for Christmas. Fun stuff!

Minnesota Nice said...

Thanks, Amalas. Your sister should treasure that gift for years to come.

Sara said...

I loved the addition to your screen name on my latest post! Too funny!

How about a new post here?

amylia said...

LMAO! Too funny! Good to know insulin can help warm you up there in MN, though it never helped me stay warm when I was a Golden Gopher!