Friday, March 18, 2011

Please Leave Now With Your Jelly Bellys

During my recovery, I frequently went downtown Minneapolis to walk in the skyways. Skyways connect the second floors of the buildings via an enclosed bridge over the street. They are nice and warm and a great alternative to trekking on the icy sidewalks.

To date, there are over 10 miles of skyways.

A couple of Sundays ago I put a lot of steps on my pedometer and my blood sugar started to crash. I had changed purses and didn't have any glucose tabs with me. I went into Marshalls, thinking "please, please let there be somethibng to treat my hypo". I almost missed them, for they were on the bottom shelf - Jelly Bellys, Tropical Flavor. Yum. Perfect.

I left and paused in the entrance to the store, and tried to open the package. It was shrink wrapped and I fumbled and got frustrated. Then I started to gnaw at the corner of the box - no results. Then I noticed this sign:

In my hypo-crazed thinking I interpreted "asked to leave" to mean "be arrested". Who would come and bail me out? Would I have a criminal record? Downtown is pretty quiet on Sundays and there weren't many people around. Then I saw two young men approaching, with spiked dog collars and safety pins in their eyebrows. "Excuse me, I'm type 1 diabetic and my blood sugar is low and I desperately need someone to open this." One of the lads gave a quick twist and the box popped open. He said, "Oh, I think I've heard of that happening."

Thankfully, I made it home safely. And guess what I bought the next day?


Zazzy said...

I always wanted a good excuse to buy a swiss army knife! Glad you made it home safely.

I never liked those walkways in Kansas City. I missed the "real" downtown and dashing between stores in the snow.

I must've been crazy.

meanderings said...

What? No picture of you gnawing on the box??
Glad the young men helped you!

Carol said...

Too funny! You are prepared for anything now from hang nail snipping to unassisted jelly belly opening! Sounds like the scarily dressed young men had good hearts. Glad they were there to help.

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog, and glad it pointed me back to yours.

Molly said...

I love jelly bellys.
I hate packaging that is hard to get open, especially when I'm low.

Is it spring yet??

Molly and Dixie

Scott K. Johnson said...

I used to have that same knife (different color though)!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know.. I'm a teenage diabetic in Minneapolis and I LOVE your blog! :D Thank you for writing!!