Saturday, May 10, 2008

Five Things................

I’ve been tagged by BetterCell for the .
"Five Things You Can't Learn From A Book" meme.

I would strongly agree with everything said by those who have already posted - great wisdom and insight. Thank you all. Here are my 5 to add:

1) Complications do not make you a failure. I have dealt with retinopathy, frozen shoulders and a trigger finger. It would be really tempting to blame myself. Yes, I had long periods of time when I didn’t take care of myself. Part of it was lack of the proper tools in the early years; part was my long-standing depression; part was the fact that I had witnessed several relatives die from db and I didn’t think that I had a fighting chance, no matter what. I currently try to keep in mind that all of us living with db face a big job, every day, and we all put forth a noble effort, depending on our circumstances. I am proud of that.

2) It is never too late for improved control. Just start where you are and move forward.

3) If you come to a place where you need oral meds, such as for hypertension, it’s okay. Several people have blogged about being upset when they had to start “yet another” prescription in addition to insulin. Be thankful that there are drugs available to help with a variety of ailments.

4) Question authority - that means doctors, nurses, pharmacists, CDE’s, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. Just last month my pharmacy switched to a new supplier for synthyroid. When I got home with my prescription, I noticed that the pills were a different color and different shape. I called them and the pharmacist, who I’ve known for years, said, “gosh, Kathy, we dispense a ton of this and you are the only one who asked…….”

5) Laugh when you can.
Cry when you have to.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Anonymous said...

What IS up with pharmacies switching our thyroid replacement suppliers all the time?

Great advice, btw.

Donna said...

These are all great, Kathy. Number 5 is especially true. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Zazzy said...


Well said. I second the notions. :-)

Bernard said...

Great tips Kathy, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Mother's Day.

I especially like number 1. Some sort of complications will happen. Hopefully they're minor, but they're not my fault.

Molly said...

Well said.
I especially like #4. We do need to question what is said by our health care providers. We owe it to ourselves to understand.

Anonymous said...

These are all great rules.. I think I live by Number 4 :P

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great list.

Donna said...

Hi Kathy - I know you just finished this wonderful meme. But...

You're it. You've been tagged - again. Here are the guidelines:

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Have fun!