Saturday, November 05, 2011

Blue Friday #1

Blue is definitely my favorite color - cornflower, sapphire, sky, azure, navy, and the powder blue color of my '75 Mustang that I got when I was 25.

Yesterday, being the first Blue Friday, I went walking by the river after dialysis. The Mississippi runs just north of downtown Minneapolis and I love its healing waters.
Being as I am not exactly a shy person, I asked a boy to take my picture:

I was thinking that I'm in a rough patch now, feeling once again overwhelmed by the 'betes and the dialysis. I am not looking forward to the long dark winter ahead.
I was shuffling along, deep in contemplation, when I saw this:

I was about a millimeter away from screaming to anyone who would listen, "look, there's a blue circle, right here on the sidewalk, for Diabetes Awareness Month". Too bad no one was around.

My friend S. says a meaningful coincidence is "when God winks at you". And guess what, I winked back.. And went home with a smile on my face.


Rachel said...

What a sign :)

(Struggling myself with the darkness.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're not shy. What a great photo!
Yeah, I'm going to have visit my sister and spend time with you.

Pearlsa said...

I am glad God winked at you. I love the photo you look great in blue

Auntly H said...

A great photo of you! And I love that when you needed it so much, you got a message that you are not alone. I'm extra happy that you were able to receive it.

Kelly Booth said...

That was a big wink from God! Great pic and I am also glad you are not shy and asked to have someone take it for you.

caughtwriting said...

So sometimes there is a silver lining to feeling like you need to walk around with your head down - you may never have seen this if you'd been feeling more positive! Great post. Polly x