Saturday, May 26, 2012

DB Meetup #7

The spontaneous happenings in life are often the best. I decided early afternnon to attend the meetup at the Mall of America. Scott was hosting a visit from Jeff Mather, a delightful New Englander who will be riding the 100 miler next weekend, along with Scott and Heather to raise funds for the ADA Tour de Cure.
We had a great evening, and, as always, it felt sooo good to laugh.

Clockwise, we have Ann, Kim (Mike's wife) Jeff, myself, Erin, Dave (Erin's husband), Scott and Mike. Thanks to Ann's husband Tom for taking the pic.

No, these are not mini pizzas - they are Scott's ketchup!!

Ann and Tom went off to have a cozy dinner to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary! Way to go, guys! At Ann's side was her adorable standard poodle service dog, Lily. In addition to detecting low blood sugars, Lily can detect highs over 150. She kept putting her chin on my lap. When I tested, I was 202. Yes, she is indeed amazing.

To be sure Jeff got the full MOA experience, we cut through the amusement park on the way to the car.

Looking up at the ferris wheel.

Jeff and Scott both share an affection for Dora. Go figure.

Carousel. I didn't even have to do any special setting on my camera.


Zazzy said...

So now we know that Scott reeeaaally likes ketchup! You guys look like you're having a lot of fun. No getting hit by a car this time?

Anonymous said...

You guys always seem to have fun d-meetups! Great pics!

Karen said...

Yay, sounds like an awesome time!! :)

Cara said...

This was my birthday!! :) I wish I could have been there. :)