Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lovin' the Questions

My longtime dear friend Zazzy has tagged me with some questions. Thanks, sister, for giving me something to write about!!

What is your favorite color?
Much as I feel I'm stuck in a rut, it's gotta be blue. All shades in general, but especially that sapphire blue tone that the sky gets just before sunrise in early spring and late autumn. When I was still working, I'd take the bus at 6:15 and was able to catch that color for a couple weeks. Sublime in every way.

What is your favorite animal?
Dogs. Big slobbering labradors. Tiny yippy lapdogs with ribbons in their hair. Stately standard poodles. Weiner dogs. Old jowly beagles. Armstrong, my neighborhood Afghan hound whose owner must spend a fortune in professional grooming. Pugs - I love their smashed in faces and curly tails.

What is your favorite drink?
Coke Zero with a lot of lemon. On rare occasions when I drink alcohol, champagne or a nice pinot grigio.

Facebook or Twitter?
Well, I've only done Facebook and I just love it.

Favorite passion?
Helping street people. Yes, I know this can get a bit subjective at times. And sometimes backfires like last week when I bought a man a turkey sandwich, apple and bottled water. He was sitting on the sidewalk outside the store. When I presented it to him he said he would have rather had ham and cheese; he couldn't eat the apple because his teeth were in poor shape; and he'd really like a cup of coffee (it was 91 degrees - go figure).

Giving or Receiving Presents?
Both!! I used to agonize over finding the perfect gift for someone, but now I don't. If I see something the person would like, I get it. There doesn't have to be an occasion attached for gifts.

Favorite Day
The Saturday of a three day weekend, when it seems like the entire city has emptied out and gone to their lake cabins up north. I love the feeling of quiet emptiness and the lack of lines at the hot breakfast places.

Favorite Flower
Purple iris. I have it tatooed on my belly. Many years ago I had a tai chi teacher who was also a florist. One day he brought each student a flower that he'd selected especially for them. He gave me the iris and said it represented the flower of a warrior, because its leaves were shaped like a sword. To this day, whenever I see one, I feel as if the Source is telling me that everything's gonna be okay.


Zazzy said...

Yay MN! I forgot about Iris! Damn, another favorite flower. We used to have a huge row of them on one side of the house in Kansas City and they have such a lovely fragrance. I personally prefer the traditional purple iris to the fancy new colors.

I love both cats and dogs but dogs love you more than cats do. It hurts to lose any pet but I think my dog was the worst.

Cara said...

The purple Iris is the state flower of TN. It's also my favorite wildflower. :)

Auntly H said...

Now I like irises even more! And they will always make me think of you.

Scott K. Johnson said...

The flower of a warrior. What a perfect flower for you!