Monday, July 16, 2012

TD Chatroom to the Rescue

I woke up Saturday at 96. Fabulous. Since it was Saturday I planned to go back to sleep after taking my lantus. I take a split dose, so I injected 12 units and went back to bed. I woke up an hour later at 55 and had a juice box. Then I checked into the Tu Diabetes Chatroom and talked a bit, but got tired and went back to bed. An hour later I was at 40. Gosh, this was very strange for me. I almost never have problems with lows in the morning. Suddenly I thought maybe I'd reversed my vials and taken 12 unit of Humalog. I keep both insulin vials in a pouch on my kitchen table. I went into the kitchen, and the vial of Humalog was sitting out by the pouch. Not the Lantus. Shoot. I was in my "just standing there" phase, where you just stand and really don't know what to do or even which direction to walk. There have been times when I think I've just stood there for at least 30 minutes. Went back to the chatroom and my friend Marie was there and I told her what I thought might have happened. "Eat", she said. Well, I'd already had another juice box and two big handfuls of Skittles. Then my friends Doris and Linda came onboard, along with a new friend I'd met the night before, David SQ. "Eat", they said. My befuddled thinking was telling me that I didn't think I needed to eat. Well, the Skittles were gone and so I took 8 glucose tabs. It was suggested I have some treats but I can't keep anything of a treat nature because I'll snarf it down without restraint. "You need some protein". I forgot that I had some eggs, so put a couple on to boil. "Call someone". I called my sister but she doesn't get it. Lost cause. "Be sure the door is unlocked in case you have to call the paramedics". I certainly hadn't thought of that one. "Don't drive." "Go test now and come back and let us know where you're at."Don't go shopping until you're absolutely stable." I retested and was at 72 so signed off, telling everybody that I was going to also have some chicken and then wait awhile before I left. 30 minutes later I was at 170. Ok, I'm stable. I was walking down the stairs to the door and my mouth started getting numb. 42. Say what? Then I remembered that I had just gotten done telling everybody that I was going to a Thai restaurant for supper, but couldn't have any rice because it spikes me. Rice! Yes, I had a big box of Minute Rice and cooked a big pot and ate it. 30 minutes later, 55. Felt awful. Finally the rice kicked in and I was at 190. Feeling like I'd been through a war. I made it to the restaurant but was so exhausted it wasn't much fun. If you're not familiar with Tu Diabetes, go over and check it out. TD is a large community with many compassionate, selfless and knowledgeable people. Something for everyone. It has been an extraordinary blessing for a number of people, including myself. Now, had it not been for the chatroom, I might have just stood there and it could have ended badly. Maybe, maybe not. But the care and concern of these 4 people was priceless. Dang it, thought I had the paragraph problem solved. Guess not.


Colleen said...

Not fun!
Glad you found some help at TuD!
Wrap one of your vials with a rubber band and that might help. I was always worried about doing the same things when I used the pens.

Zazzy said...

I'm glad you had people around to help. The net is a pretty cool place sometimes.

Jane K. said...

Glad it ended up ok. Those long-lasting lows are challenging. Speaking of TD, I checked out the video and it was fun to see you, too!! As always, you look awesome.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh dear, what a nasty ride that must have been.